In Een Zaal vs Hybride vs Virtueel

  • Our free infographic will help you understand all of the differences between an in-the-room only meeting, a hybrid or virtual meeting
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Lumi - The Ultimate Guide To Hybrid AGM

De ultieme gids voor Hybride AVA


Jaarvergaderingen werden voorheen altijd op een fysieke locatiegehouden, zodat aandeelhouders zich direct konden richten tothet bestuur en deze ter verantwoording konden roepen.

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Lumi - Event Industry Global Market Research Reportess – 1

Event Industry Global Market Research Report


Measuring emotion is no longer solely the domain of desktops, or laptops for that matter.

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Lumi - Hybrid AGM FAQ

Hybrid AGM FAQ


Interested in the security of hybrid AGM? Curious about what it’s like to attend an AGM virtually? Concerned about potential issues from a hybrid AGM? Then check out this free guide.

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